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All Aadhaar Services Online Here For Free

There Are Number Aadhaar Services Available On Aadhaar Services Portal For Free. Many Of Us Do Not Know About it and end up Going Somewhere For Availing This Free Services At Some Cost. These Services include Verify Mobile/Email/Aadhaar Number, Addhar Bank Link Status etc. I will Be Discussing All These Aadhaar Card Services & I will Also Show You How To Avail Those Services Online. So Let’s Start.

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Aadhaar Services

These Services Include Verify Aadhaar Number, Verify Email/Mobile Number, Lock/ Unlock Biometric, Aadhar & Bank Account Link Status And Aadhar Authentication History. To Avail All These Services Go To Official UIDAI Portal.

Aadhar Services Category:


This Service Will Allow You To Check That Your Aadhaar Number is Genuine Or Fake.

How To Avail This :aadhaar services online

  1. First Go To Verify Aadhaar Number Page.
  2. Enter Your Aadhar Number & Security Code Given In The Image.
  3. Click On VERIFY Option.
  4. Done. You Will See The Message That Your Aadhar Number Exists.



This Service Will Allow You To Check That Your Mobile Number & Email Id is Linked To Your Aadhaar Card Number Or Not.

How To Avail This: 

  1. Go To Verify Email/ Mobile Page.
  2. Enter Your Aadhaar Number.
  3. Now Enter Your Email ID or Mobile Number Which One You Want To Verify.
  4. Enter The Security Code & Click On GET OTP Option.
  5. You Will Recieve OTP in Your Email ID or Mobile Number.
  6. After Getting OTP Enter it And Than Finally Click On VERIFY OTP.
  7. Done. You Will Receive The Message Saying Congratulation.



This Service Allows You To Enable & Disable Your Fingerprint and Iris Data Stored in The Aadhaar Database. The Biometrics Are Already Unlocked From First And If You Disable it Due To Some Severe Security Reason Than You Can Also Enable It Or It will Automatically Get Unlocked After a Fixed Time.

If You Disable Biometrics Than You Will Not Be Able To Avail Those Services Which Need Your Biometric Data in order To Authenticate. To Use This Service It is Compulsory That Your Mobile Number is Updated to Your Aadhaar Number.

How To Avail This:

  1. Go To Biometric Lock/Unlock Page.
  2. Enter Your Aadhaar Number.
  3. Now Enter The Security Code & Click On SEND OTP.
  4. Enter The Received OTP & CLick On LOG IN Option.
  5. You Will Be Able To Find Options To Unlock/Lock Your Biometrics Successfully.



You Can Easily Find out That Your Bank Account is Successfully Linked To Your Aadhaar Number Or Not. You Will Be Able To See Bank Details Too if it is Linked.

How To Avail This:aadhaar card services

  1. First Visit Check Bank Linking Page.
  2. Enter Your Aadhaar Number & Security Code seen in The Image.
  3. Enter The Received OTP And Than Click On LOG IN.
  4. Now You Will Be Able To See Bank Account Linking Details.



This Service Will Allow You To See When & How Many Times You Have Used Your Aadhaar Number For Accessing Any Government or Private Services.

How To Avail This:

  1. Visit Aadhaar Authentication History Page.
  2. Enter Your Aadhar Number & Security Code.
  3. Click On GENERATE OTP Option.
  4. Now Select Authentication Type, Select Data Range & Number of Records.
  5. Enter the Received OTP And Click On SUBMIT.
  6. Done. You Will Now See The Aadhaar Authentication History.


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That’s All My friends, These Were The Essential Online Aadhaar Services Which You Must Know About Them And How To Utilise Those Services Too. Do Share This As Sharing is Caring.

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