How To Find Aadhar PDF Password Easily

Finding Aadhar pdf password is a very easy task if you really know about it. In this post, I will be showing how to find the aadhar pdf password in a very simple way. Before the PDF Password was to be The Pin Code Of the Location Given in Addhar. But Recently UIDAI has changed the PDF Password pattern for aadhar pdf files. Now The New E Addhar PDF Password will be of 8 characters.


How To Find Aadhar PDF Password

  1. Aadhaar PDF Password is now of Total 8 characters.
  2. The password is a combination of the first four letter of your name in capital letters as given in your aadhar card and The Last Four Character is The Year of Birth.
  3. For Example, The Name is MUKESH GUPTA and Year of Birth is 1999. In this case, The PDF Password will Be MUKE1999.
  4. Let’s Take another example, The Name is MANJU and Year of Birth is 2000. In this case, PDF Password will be MANJ2000.
  5. That’s Done. So easy it was.


Some Important Points For Aadhar PDF Password

  1. Make sure You are using the exact same name which is given in aadhar card.
  2. Your Year Of Birth is Compulsory and should be same as given in aadhar card.
  3. If still, you find Aadhar Password is wrong thenĀ once again check the first four digit of your name and last four digits is your year of birth.
  4. Make Sure To Type your Name in Capital Letters.
  5. You Need a PDF Software for opening the e aadhaar pdf file.


Now, We come to the end of this post showing you how to find aadhar pdf password and what is the password for pdf files? If you have any doubt then you are always welcomed to comment and ask. Do Share this as sharing is caring.

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